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Heaps Estrin DIY Holiday Crafts

Written On December 22, 2017

With Christmas only a few days away, we’re thinking about all of the special holiday meals to come.  Whether you’re hosting the whole family for dinner or having a few friends over for a cosy brunch, you may be wondering how to decorate your table this year. We have some fun and creative crafts to make your Christmas table warm, welcoming, and spirited for your friends and family.

Cranberry Candles:  Beautiful and easy to make, these homemade candle displays are a perfect way to dress up a simple holiday table. All you need is a glass dish or jar, cranberries, and a tea light. Fill the dish or jar with water and place the tea light on top of the water. The wax will float! One by one place cranberries around the candle, filling up the space between the edge of the candle and the glass rim.  Attractive and bright, these candles make for excellent centerpieces.

Showcase Ornaments: These ornaments are simple, fun and classy.  All you need are clear plastic ornaments, which can be found at any craft store, and a variety of holiday greenery. You can use pine, eucalyptus, fir, and spruce – even holly! Clip two to three inch pieces of greenery and set aside. Remove the metal lid from the ornaments and place the clippings inside. These look great hung from tabletop trees or displayed in a bowl.

Rosemary Wreaths: Aromatic and fresh, these miniature wreaths are quick and creative. All you need is fresh rosemary and twine! Soak the rosemary stalks in water for thirty minutes and set aside on a paper towel to dry, this will increase their flexibility. Once dry, wrap each stalk into a circle and tie together with twine. These are great to set on each individual place setting under a name tag, or makes for attractive napkin holders!

From all of us at Heaps Estrin, we wish you all a happy holiday full of love, laughter, and memories.


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