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Lawrence Park

Written On January 24, 2018

Lawrence Park is one of Toronto’s most secluded and spacious neighbourhoods. With wide lots, large front gardens, and quiet streets, Lawrence Park is a peaceful and elegant place to live.

Originally developed to be a sophisticated garden suburb for the affluent Toronto resident, Lawrence Park has remained much the same over the last century. Plans for the neighbourhood began in 1907 when Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company acquired the land from John Lawrence, after whom the area is named. In order to achieve a certain level of charm throughout the suburb, the Dovercourt Land Building and Saving Company hired Lorrie Dunington-Grubb, an esteemed landscape architect at the time, to design communal green spaces. Lorrie went on to create Sheridan Nurseries: a Lawrence Park landmark and neighbourhood staple for seasonal greenery.

Though plans for Lawrence Park began at the turn of the century, the area was not completed until the 1950s after both World Wars had come to an end. As a result, homes vary in age, design, and architecture. From original English cottage to mid-century Tudor revival, the older homes mix well with some of the neighbourhood’s more modern designs.

Located between Yonge Street and Bayview Avenue from Blythwood Ravine to Lawrence Avenue, the neighbourhood covers approximately two square kilometres – most of which is residential. This is an attribute that sets Lawrence Park apart from the typical Toronto neighbourhood and contributes to its charm.

There are also four public parks in the neighbourhood: Sherwood Park, Cheltenham Park, Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens and Stratford Park. Sherwood Park has lovely walking trails through the ravine as well as paved walkways that lead to the residential streets near Mt Pleasant Avenue. It also has a baseball pitch, a children’s playground, and a meandering river. In winter, you can often find brave toboganners on the park’s many slopes. Cheltenham Park, located on the eastern side of Mildenhall Road, hosts many children’s sports leagues in the warmer months and a community-based outdoor skating rink in the winter.

When it comes to schools, Lawrence Park residents have several options. For example, Blythwood Junior School, Bedford Park Public School, and The Toronto French School are all conveniently located directly within the neighbourhood. Lawrence Park Collegiate and Crescent School for boys, while located slightly outside of the traditional Lawrence Park boundaries, are both excellent high schools that service the area.

Lawrence Park’s traditional neighbourhood atmosphere attracts many families. Sheltered from busy intersections and commercial business, the area has minimal traffic. It’s a safe and quiet neighbourhood with lush parks and ravines, several different school options, and beautiful homes. It’s no surprise that Lawrence Park is one of the most highly sought-after neighbourhoods in the city.


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