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Sand + Draft by Stacklab and IDS Top 5

Written On January 20, 2018

The Interior Design Show in Toronto is one of the biggest design shows in all of Canada. If you’ll be attending this weekend, Sand + Draft by Stacklab is a must see. Stacklab Object has an award winning, growing line of material-driven furniture that is currently represented by Maison Gerard in New York, HewnX in San Francisco and The Una Malan showroom in LA. Their work is the product of extensive experimentation in material and fabrication technique.

To create cast metal parts, foundries use molds that are generally ‘pulled’ off an original positive called a pattern. Despite their importance in the manufacturing process, these patterns are often only used a handful of times before they are decommissioned and stored indefinitely. As part of their larger mission to reimagine salvaged materials for contemporary purposes, Stacklab has been investigating the use of historic, decommissioned patterns as formwork elements in the creation of functional, cast furnishings and art objects.

The Sand + Draft sculptures are made from compacted refractory sand, and the surface relief on each piece is drawn from re-purposed, wooden industrial patterns from Stacklab’s Collection. The result is a contemporary expression of the sandcasting process, in homage to our industrial heritage and the people behind it

Sand + Draft is a continuation of the Cube Series (2013), developed for New York Gallery Maison Gerard. It was made possible through the support of industry partners at Canadian Specialty Castings and Grand River Pattern.

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Our team member, Dwayne Evens, had a chance to visit the Interior Design Show and see the hundreds of brands, products and upcoming trends. In addition to Sand + Draft, there were five vendors who stood out from the crowd. Here are his Top 5 Best in Show:


KLAUS – Laurent Lights by Lambert et Fils @klausNienkamper

Klaus is a boutique shop in Toronto filled with posh furniture and accessories. This year at the IDS they are showcasing Montreal based brand Lambert et Fils with their poetic reinterpretation of classic milk globe lights. These pieces are contemporary with a retro vibe and make an elegant addition to any home. 

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COOLICAN & COMPANY – Euclid Mirror and Madison Chair @coolicanandcompany   

Toronto based, small batch furniture makers are making a big splash on the furniture scene with with refined and well crafted design. The attention to detail and fine materials make these functional pieces beautiful and enduring. 

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AMULETTE – Cacoon Lights and Fringes Rugs @anilego

Expressed through the light and warmth provided by handwoven domestic designs, Amulette allows you to feel safe, warm and enveloped, in the most comforting way. These rope lights pack a cool factor that is hard to replicate, and the rugs made of 100% merino wool are the softest things you could imagine. 

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KROFT STUDIOS – Towel Ladder, Stir Stool, Buoy Too Night Table @kroft_studio

Toronto based furniture company provides well thought out essentials for any home. The pieces have a playful nature, while exhibiting a calm contemporary vibe. Their hand made white oak classics will keep your home looking fresh. 

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JAN KATH – Hand Knotted Carpets 

Jan Kath is one of the words most in demand designers for carpets, the beautiful artwork, sensual materials, and sustainable and fair trade practices make this company a model for the reset. Their rugs range from traditional to contemporary patterns, check out their space at IDS if you want to be inspired. 

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A special mention for Susan for Susan is warranted because they offer the most avant-guard ‘art-world’ style furniture and lighting on display at IDS. Susan for Susan is a Toronto based design studio working in furniture, objects, and lighting. Established by two brothers John and Kevin Watts, the studio produces honest, and interesting unique products. All pieces are handmade by the brothers, celebrating process and the qualities inherent in the materials.

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