We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can help you find and purchase the home of your dreams.

We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can help you find and purchase the home of your dreams.

We’d love to hear from you. Use this form to start the conversation about how we can sell your home for top dollar, and in record time.

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V6. Inspired by European living

You’ve probably heard that green buildings offer increased marketability and higher profit gains than comparable properties.

With the increased market demand for sustainable growth – or development that improves people’s quality of life while creating a positive impact on the natural, built and a historic environment- income property owners are searching for ways to further capitalize on this latest trend.

Mixed-use buildings, which are also known as live, work, and play centers, cater to the growing demographic of Torontoninas. Millennials, empty Nesters and senior citizens are wanting to live in urban centers, seeking close proximity to shopping and entertainment.

There are several factors that make mixed-use buildings attractive. The increased vertical density means land, which is often expensive and is used in the most efficient manner possible. Another way for the investors to save money is by reducing the energy costs and maintenance expenses due to the diversification of the asset.

On a more general note, mixed-use buildings brighten a community by giving it a vibrant energy and activity that goes 24/7. For many people, the to be able to walk to work, then head over to do some shopping without a car, is worth a significant rent difference.

One of the hottest mixed use townhouse projects that has been launched in Toronto is V6, being developed by Oldstonehenge in the vibrant neighbourhood of Leslieville – one of the city’s hippest areas filled with cafes, pubs and eclectic retail stores along Queen Street East.  At Heaps Estrin, we love this new project as it draws inspiration from a European style of living, integrating it into the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis that is Toronto.  V6 Leslieville is an adaption of multi-storey freehold townhouses which was conceptualized in Berlin, Germany – A place where work, play and living aren’t separated by more than a floor.

This European-inspired townhome project is extremely unique for the Toronto, and Canadian market in general. Each townhouse is serviced by an internal elevator with a private balcony on each floor and is customizable to a variety of occupancy configurations. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a business-owner who wants to be closer to your place of work, V6 offers the perfect opportunity to own a full building that offers a both a residential and commercial investment proposition.   Want to own multiple units in one building to rent out as a landlord? Or own a dentist practice, and want to operate your clinic on the commercial unit on the ground floor? V6 is the absolute perfect investment opportunity for you.

V6 has also been carefully designed to take advantage of its main green feature, wood frame building. Wood, as a naturally renewable resource, is the greenest form of construction and its carbon footprint is superior to concrete or steel structures.

For further information regarding V6 Leslieville, please contact the Heaps Estrin Real Estate Team at 416.424.4910 or by email at